Are your training plans too complicated?

Are your training plans too complicated?

Are your complicated training and nutrition plans not getting you the results you want, making it hard to keep on track.

With access to pretty much anything these days at the touch of a button we can fall into the trap of trying to follow the latest training & nutrition trend/fad that 99% of the time has very little relevance to your goal and promotes bad compliance when following.

With clients and myself I have found that keeping it simple to follow promotes better enjoyment, better compliance and results.

Below are a few tips:


. Train consistently

. Follow your plan

. Don’t change workouts every 2 wks

. Try and improve on previous session numbers


. Be 85-90% compliant

. Hit daily protein goal

. Eat plenty of green veggies

. Have majority of carbs around training

It doesn’t have to be complicated and most of all you have to ENJOY your plans

If your goal is to be the best player on and off the pitch then this is definitely for you!